The Ms. Janma Story

Ms. Janma is an Australian Lifestyle brand created by me, Janma. The name Janma means, “life after life”. A continuous name for a continuous journey. I believe in continuous improvement and I use this approach when creating my products.

Ms. Janma was born from my passion in design, decor and creativity. I have been making hand-made candles from my own natural candle recipe, the waxes I use for my candle formula include, Soy Wax, Bees Wax and Coconut wax.

I am continually improving the recipe to achieve the optimal burn.  I am happy to share my handmade candles and my designs with you. Feel free to follow my journey.


Founder & Artist



We only believe in using natural ingredients that enhance our products and the environment. No Paraffin’s or harsh ingredients have been used. We only source quality ingredients.


Our products are hand made to bring you the very best quality and craftsmanship. The recipes have been continuously tested and improved to bring you the very best product.


Our products are made to inspire and uplift our customers. The products you purchase from us are individually made with positive purpose. We believe in artistry and wish to bring you this through our products.

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